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Question: picking up a bridesmaids dress--do I need to try on?

I have to go pick up a bridesmaids dress (for me, to be a bridesmaid in someone else's wedding) at David's Bridal. I am 100% positive that the dress will need alterations, and I'm also 100% positive that I'm not having the alterations done there. Do I really need to try on the dress when I pick it up? Or can I just look it over? 

I ask because it would be super convenient if I can stop in to pick it up on a day I'm going to have my kid with me, and really don't want to try on a dress with her there. 

Re: Question: picking up a bridesmaids dress--do I need to try on?

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    I think you should try it on just to make sure it is the size you ordered and that there is nothing wrong with the dress.
  • I think you should try it on just to make sure it is the size you ordered and that there is nothing wrong with the dress.
    I feel like I can look it over to see that nothing is wrong and that it's the correct size. If I ordered the correct size and it doesn't fit, that's my fault and they won't do anything about it no matter what, I assume?

    I guess the question is really--what are the chances that anything I find with the dress is something that David's Bridal will give a rat's ass about and do something for me LOL. 
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    Question?  Why on earth don't you want to try it on in the store before you accept delivery?  This is the best thing you can do to protect your investment in the dress.  What is the problem?
  • I'd also try it on before leaving.  I try things on with three littles from time to time- it definitely sucks but it's possible.  
  • Yeah I would just try it on. I'm sure that's far more difficult with a little one, but if there's a problem with the zipper, or fit, or construction you might not know unless it's on. Looking at it is only going to tell you the big mistakes I think. What's the resistance?
  • Try it on in the store. You may have ordered the correct size, but it could be made wonky or have issues that you will only see if you try on. The only time I wouldn't bother trying something on is if the store has a 100% no questions asked return policy.
  • Thanks for the feedback all. My resistance to trying it on is that it'll be a pain in the ass with my toddler there. That coupled with my knowledge of David's Bridal's terrible return policies/customer service in general. I was thinking that the only possible way that they would order a new dress and/or give me a refund is if 1) it's clearly not the right dress, or 2) it's not the size I ordered, or 3) there are major defects. All of that I figured I could tell by looking at it without trying it on. Anything else "wrong" I figured I'd be stuck with regardless. 

    But you're right that there could be more minor construction mistakes or they could have sewn in the wrong size label, which I would only be able to tell by trying it on. I think this is very unlikely, so I'll probably make a decision in store. 
  • In case anyone is desperate for an update (haha) I picked up my dress with my daughter in tow. We were there very early on a Saturday, and I don't think there was any other customers in the store. I was able to quickly try on the dress (i kept my jeans on, and just put it over) just to make sure there were no major issues. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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