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Hi All-

I am getting married on November 4th, 23 days from now, and we have learned that our venue was destroyed in the Santa Rosa fires. We are scrambling (with some awesome help from friends and vendors) to find a new location that has availability on the same date. We have family and friends flying in to San Francisco and want to avoid and flight cancellations or rescheduling, plus- we would hate to cancel/postpone for obvious reasons! So we're looking for help, suggestions, and advice from the wedding community. If anyone has any connections or knows of a venue that might have availability on November 4th, in the Bay area, please let me know! Thank you so much!

Re: Venue Needed - SOS

  • I'd recommend doing a cross-post (XP) on the local TK board for your area.

    It's so awful what happened in Santa Rosa!  You have my sympathies and I hope you find an equally great venue that is on the same date and convenient for your guests.

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  • I'm sure you're not the only one. Wine country is a popular wedding spot, especially with the pretty fall colors. I've been wondering what people are going to do- I'm sure there were people planning to get married at those wineries this weekend even!

    Especially since I'm sure you're not the only one in this boat, try some of these things:
    -Facebook crisis response. People are asking for and offering all kinds of assistance. While a wedding venue is way down the list of priorities right now, you might find a match with someone who has a venue available
    -call the local news stations. They've become something of clearinghouses for information, they may be able to put together something for all the brides and grooms in need. I saw a story yesterday about a bride whose dress burned up and she ended up with hundreds of offers of new and used dresses
    -think outside of the box and be prepared to be flexible. Think maybe a church and their fellowship hall for the reception. Not as glamorous, but it'll get the job done
    -expand your search area- try Livermore wineries, or parts of Mendocino or lake counties that weren't affected
    -take note of all these places currently being used as shelters-high schools, community centers, churches. They can fit a lot of people, feed people, and are willing to help out people affected by the disaster. They may be able to turn into a wedding venue, too.
    -are you local? Put the word out to your networks (family, friends, co-workers, hair salon, neighbors, church, etc.), you may find someone. Most stores are sold out of face masks to protect against all the smoke in the air, but I found out a neighbor of mine is a wholesaler who had boxes of masks at his house he's willing to sell for his cost. You never know what your contacts may have until you ask.

    If you find a solution that can help others, please respond and let us know. I'm certain other people will be desperately looking, too. Good luck!
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