Two Weeks Out!

Hi All,
  This really isn't etiquette related, but I lurk here a lot and you all seemed like the ladies to help me out. What did you guys do to keep from going crazy during the lead up to you weddings?
  I have literally everything planned and done and ready to go, so now I'm just driving myself nuts constantly running different scenarios through my head. I'm pretty much just a constant ball of stress and anxiety right now and can't think about anything else. 
  What were some strategies you guys used to stay calm and not obsess over everything? I really want to be able to just chill out and enjoy this really exciting time.

Re: Two Weeks Out!

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    I planned a lot of friend and family things in the weeks leading up to the wedding. It not only involved wine, but I didn't focus on the wedding. It would be natural for your wedding to come up in conversation but bean dip when it does and take the time to put the spot light on the person you're with.

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    Keep yourself busy. I exercised a lot, went hiking, took many yoga classes. 

  • Ditto PPs. See your friends & family, keep yourself healthy, do whatever you do to de-stress. If you'll be taking a honeymoon and will be away from work, you could try to work ahead or wrap things up (if that's possible or necessary).

    Pat yourself on the back for having everything done early!
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    Just remember- the wedding is a ceremony and party on one day. Your marriage for the years ahead is what's most important. If anything goes wrong with the wedding day, as long as you end up married by the end, it was a success! Try not to stress about what "could" go wrong. 

    Or... leave the stressing to someone else, haha. I was pretty chill and my mom was all "What's plan Z?" Plan Z was never going to happen but at least she was thinking so I didn't have to. 


  • Carry on with whatever you do in your normal life.  Make sure you get enough sleep, do some meal planning, do whatever exercise you normally do, start reading a new book! Do you have family or friends coming in before the wedding that you could make plans with?

    Pick up the slack of things you put aside while you were crazy planning. Any house cleaning need to be done, like dusting, the windows, organizing?

    Think about things you might have to do after the wedding and do them now. If you're leaving right away for a HM, is there laundry you can get started on for your vacation? Wash your bedding so it's fresh when you get back. If you are expecting to fill your registry (whether that's because your guests gave gifts or because you will be doing a registry completion event), are there older items you are thinking of updating that you could give to goodwill?

    If you have nothing left to plan- that's excellent! Remember, what is done is done and what will be, will be. Enjoy!
  • I have a post on here from a couple weeks before my wedding.  It sounds like things are going pretty smoothly for you, but for me it was so much unnecessary drama and insanity.  Everything was difficult and even normally sane family members were acting out of character and rude/dramatic. So here's my 2 cents...

    Lots of yoga - I think I started going three times a week. I used to do this more and it was a real stretch to pull it off but I needed it.  I meditated daily.  I went for lots of walks, sometime with a good friend not involved in the wedding I could just talk to about non-wedding things.  

    Things will happen.  You won't be able to control them and you may not even know they are happening (or you will and you will realize it doesn't matter).  Focus on you and your husband and enjoy the time.  Try to take in the moments that matter.  Example... after telling my cousins who RSVPd with two extra friends each that the invitation was meant for just them and their father, I found out my cousin had gotten a girl pregnant and they were now engaged.  They were not dating at the time of invite, I had already told them no guests, it was two days before the wedding when I found all this out.  The first thing I saw when I was walking down the aisle was my cousin and his new fiance.  
    I walked down the aisle, had an amazing ceremony that I really wish I remembered better and laughed with my husband.  As I was walking back down I caught the coordinators eye and told her one uninvited guest.  A bridesmaid later told her one guest who didn't come and what tables to move chairs/dinners to.  Literally the smallest deal in the world and I'm so glad that my cousin brought her at the end of the day because they had fun and it had literally zero effect on my day.

    There were lots of other things that went wrong - mother of the grooms table number was switched by a passive aggressive cousin and she lost her shit... both of our sisters gave the weirdest most uncomfortable speeches... it was hot as all get out in October and too windy to open the windows - but I didn't care and I still don't.  Our day was perfect, our weekend was perfect, and now I have an amazing husband.  Deep breath, yoga, wine, and make sure you take care of what you need to be able to be in the moment and really enjoy your wedding day.
  • For me, spreadsheets saved my sanity. I kept a running list for things to pack and a to-do list. It helped me stay calm because I wasn’t worried about forgetting anything.
    I also scheduled a massage and facial for the day before we had to leave, just to make sure to give myself some down time.
  • For me, it was just focusing on what's important. Like, no matter what happens - if no one comes, if the reception venue burns to the ground, if the cake doesn't arrive - I'm starting a huge new chapter in life and I'm really happy about it. So whatever it is, it is..the important part will be there. Chill and go have fun at the biggest party you'll ever throw.

  • Ah two weeks of "hurry up and wait" ;)

    I started looking around at stupid little things we hadn't done that could be done, or small things I originally scrapped the idea but then opted to do it {like wrapping the base of the flowers with extra sticky ribbon that was used on the candle/center pieces} or even looking at how we wanted to arrange centerpieces.

    I also did lists. Things to do and lump them together with timeline.

    Honestly, I also slept a lot. I was getting stressed out and it - for some reason - made me feel really tired. So the closer it got, the more I seemed to require more sleep.
    It was a good thing, because it ensured I was well rested.
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  • For me, it was just focusing on what's important. Like, no matter what happens - if no one comes, if the reception venue burns to the ground, if the cake doesn't arrive - I'm starting a huge new chapter in life and I'm really happy about it. So whatever it is, it is..the important part will be there. Chill and go have fun at the biggest party you'll ever throw.

    Haha, I did the same thing!  This is actually a strategy I use with a lot of the big events in my life.

    "What are the absolute craziest, worst things that can happen?"  Okay.  I'd do this, this, and that.  Oh, look.  The world continues to rotate, I adjust my plans/expectations, and my life does not become a disaster.  I got this!

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