Rude-ass wedding guests

Can you believe all these rude ass people brought gifts to this wedding I went to over the weekend? I mean they were clearly only thinking of themselves and not the couple!

(Haha, but honestly as you can see it's normal in the Midwest. But you guys shamed me so badly I shipped mine). 

Re: Rude-ass wedding guests

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    I usually give money or ship the present but sometimes it's not feasible.
    One year I got a friend a couple of place settings of her fine china. But I had to bring it because I ordered it on Rue La La (months before her wedding) because they had her pattern for a third of the price of BBB and also threw in some exclusive pieces.
    And I wasn't going to tempt fate and try to ship it again. So I hauled it to her wedding.
    Sorry, not sorry.

    (Though I am in the midwest...)
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    I usually bring card with money for a wedding gift and put it in the card box.  Easy enough to transport that. Also, in the rare cases that I buy a gift, I buy off the registry and have it sent. I don't want to lug a gift to the wedding, and possibly have it mashed like the one in the photo appears to be. There were approximately the same number of gifts, in various boxes and bags, at my daughter's wedding. Most of those givers were not from the Northeast and had travelled with their gifts. I assumed it was regional and did not think the guests were being rude.

    But when in Rome.....
  • Recent wedding I was at, my H and I went into a gift with MIL, sFIL, and a few others. Couldn't ship because of cross-boarder b.s, so MIL and sFIL took it with them.
    They told FOB where it was, and offered to help carry things to the car after since it was heavy {le cruset set of cookware}

    If you're bringing a gift - and can't ship - at least offer to help while you're still there.
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