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Meetings with Catholic Priest before Marriage

Hello all.  I am getting married in May and just had our first meeting with the priest that will be marrying us the other week.  My fiance (not Catholic) and I will be married in my church where I was baptized, etc., and have been a parishioner there my whole life. What I expected for these meetings was to go over what is expected from us as we get married in a Catholic church, take the FOCCUS test, and to plan our ceremony.  Our priest seems a little extreme (my fiance and I live together) and he gave us a book to read called "The Good News about Sex and Marriage" and is seeming to focus heavily on this.  Has anyone had the same experience? I just do not feel comfortable discussing this with my priest.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Meetings with Catholic Priest before Marriage

  • That book is incredible. Please read it with an open heart and mind. The priest's job is to make sure that you are freely entering into this covenant and that you fully understand what you are undertaking...what it means in the Catholic church. So you know what your promises mean. A priest has heard everything in the confessional and counseling, and has a lot of wisdom about relationships and the human condition that can only help you.

    The priest isn't being "extreme". He's being Catholic. This book helps give the basics to the blueprint for the Catholic understanding of marriage.
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