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Wedding dress regret

My husband and I got married a year ago this past weekend. It was seriously the best day ever. Everything went perfectly. But now I'm driving myself insane with wedding dress regret. I absolutely loved my dress and knew it was the one. I did not have any second guesses about my decision throughout all of our planning. But now I wish I had taken more time shopping around. I bought it at the second shop I looked. After our wedding, two people had told me that my dress looked slightly big at the bust. So I took that and ran with it and now am obsessing over this from time to time. I know there is nothing I can do to change this as it is in the past. The seamstress who did my alterations told me at my final fitting, if she had taken it in anymore, I would not have been able to sit down in my dress without it busting the seams. If it was slightly big, I worry if I looked sloppy or not. In the second pic there is a slight gap. In the third I'm sitting down, and I guess it proves that she wouldn't be able to take it in anymore, because it was pretty tight. I just want to focus on how wonderful the day is instead of focusing on this detail. Does anyone else have wedding dress regret?

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  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska
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    I can see why you might think it looks big, but I think that's just the way strapless dress look. They have more padding, boning and structure in general because there's no straps or anything to hold them up. 

    Regarding the gap, I think you probably were just caught on an exhale before you breathe in again.

    I think you look lovely, it fits you well, and whoever told you it looked to big were being jerks.  

    ETA: You need to stop thinking about this because what are you going to do about it? You can't go back and have another wedding. These pictures will always exist and will always be your wedding photos, period, end of story. 

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    The dress is beautiful and you look great- and so happy!- in it. You don't look sloppy. 

    Some perspective- your day went perfectly and you're married! The rare wedding is truly perfect, often something always goes wrong, either minor or major. Just because some people (rudely) said that to you doesn't mean they're right. 

    If I were you I'd ensure that any framed photos of me are at such an angle that's flattering. Pic 0532 seems to be the most flattering, in my opinion. That way any visual reminders of your special day make you happy, not paranoid. 

    Wedding dress regret isn't unheard of but after a year, you need to forget about those rude people and focus on your happy marriage. Objective internet stranger here thinks you look awesome. 

  • Thanks so much. I really do need to work on not worrying about the past. And what's most important now is that I'm happily married. Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it :)
  • Thank you to both of you!
  • Those two people that told you it looks big can suck it. 

    I wish mine had looked big. I don't have big boobs so mine being tighter just made me look fatter. You look great- congrats!

  • lnixon8 said:
    Those two people that told you it looks big can suck it. 

    I wish mine had looked big. I don't have big boobs so mine being tighter just made me look fatter. You look great- congrats!

    Hahahaha Thank you!

    Oh no :( I'm sure you looked great as well! I feel like every bride is beautiful on their day, especially when they are so happy.

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