Budget friendly venues for 2019

edited December 1 in Wisconsin
I'm newly engaged (my first time posting!) and we are just starting the planning process. All we know is that we'd like a fall 2019 wedding and we want to stay under 10k for the whole wedding (yes, everything under 10k). Unfortunately, from the prices I've been seeing, that sounds near impossible, and the venue seems to be the biggest hurdle. Everything I've seen is either starting at 1k (but they nickel and dime you for set-up time, tables, etc.) or 5k with only the bare necessities covered. I'm starting to feel discouraged. People with a budget get married too, so where are the best places to look?

Unfortunately, we don't have any family with big backyards we can ask, so we need to look elsewhere. Our guest list could be anywhere from 100-200 and is flexible depending on what the venue allows. We need somewhere that will let us bring in our own food/cake/bar, because that's the place where we know we can save serious money (my brother caters, Mom is an amazing baker, and future brother-in-law homebrews craft beer and wine).

We're willing to travel a bit (we're in MKE), but want to stay within the state. 

Thank you ahead of time! Any suggestions are appreciated!
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