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Done Disappeared. Have you listened to it?

I haven’t yet but I can’t wait to. Apparently it is a parody of Up &Vanished and other true crime podcasts. Since the host of U&V always bothered me in a way I couldn’t really put my finger on so I am excited. 

Re: @MrsConn

  • No! I'll have to check it out. 

    But yeah, I agree about U&V.  Payne Lindsey has a certain smugness about him. He never came off as sympathetic to Tara, even though he tried.  He was more about the scandal of it all than the fact that she was killed in a horrific manner and it was covered up for a long-ass time. 
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    Yeah, and he was super quick to start asking for money and start meet ups. It came off as he cared less about the case than jumping on that podcast gravy train. Which is fine but it showed. 

    I am trying to to get through my current queue before I start it but I think there are only 4 episodes out right now.

    And I heard there are nods to other podcasts, that you will know if you listen to a lot of true crime. I love a good Easter egg.
  • I'll have to check it out. I have more time since there's no TV on right now, HA.  Well, everything does stop on Friday though since The Crown season 2 will be on Netflix.  ;) 

    I've listened to a few Heaven's Gate episodes.  I liked it OK. It's definitely a compelling story.  I've also picked back up on "And that's why we drink", which gets better with each episode.  They were definitely shaky at first.  I'm still not that into paranormal stuff, but I like the hosts well enough to listen.  Also, a lot of it is historical that's interesting. 

    Have you listened to Best Case Worst Case?  One of their guests, Det. Mannina, is from Indy and has her own pod called the Mannina Files.  It's hosted by her and one of our local news people.  I'm not sure what to think of it yet.  She's got an interesting style.  Plus it's weird to hear the news lady without seeing her's disconcerting in a way. ;) 
  • I keep meaning to listen to Best Case Worst Case because you have mentioned it before. I will add it now. :)
    I know what you mean about hearing someone’s voice when you are used to seeing their face. It’s like a dog trying to figure out a phone, lol.

    I listened to some episodes of Done Disappeared in the car. It is not as drop dead funny as they made it sound but it is humorous. It pokes fun at all the right things. It has a fake ad like every 2 minutes that make me giggle and you can totally tell he is making fun of Lyndsey Payne. The episodes are only like 15minutes long so easy to blow through and no real ads.

    I will have to check out the Heavens Gate one, cults are kind of my thing. I like TWWD too, though I haven’t gone back to listen to the beginning.

    There are so many podcast (like U&V) that I listen to the whole thing even though I don’t really like them. Either the host or format just bother me and then they just pile up until I run out of good ones
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    Have you checked out Zealot?  It's ALL about cults and quite funny. It's got the MFM vibe to it. The host was the 'hometown murder' at one of their Australia shows and they talked about her podcast.   She has rotating co-hosts.  Plus, I love hearing them speak with their accent and vernacular...I've learned a lot about Australian culture/slang just from listening.  And it's amusing to hear what they think about the US, good, bad and the misconceptions. 
  • I looked at it but the reviews at the time weren’t very good. I will give it another look.
  • I looked at it but the reviews at the time weren’t very good. I will give it another look.
    I rarely look at podcast reviews.  ;)  With most podcasts, the early episodes are kind of all over the place as they work out format issues.  I really locked in with her episode on Scientology and became faithful with Jonestown. 
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    Manhunt, unabomber series on Netflix. Fills my Mindhunter void 

    Also, Zealot is waaay better than they gave it credit for. Love it! 
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