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  • we are looking to elope somewhere within the country, USA, that is unique and affordable. We live in miami , fl. We were considering vegas, but the decent chapels charge a lot of money for the photo rights , and the photos are important to us. Therefore we are looking at other options. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    Well it depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a beach? City? What type of weather? 

    When you say say they charge money for photo rights, can you elaborate? I understand photos being important, but what exactly are you looking for. My photographer retained rights to use the images in her marketing, although we probably could have negotiated this (and likely paid more), but we still had all the rights to them to print, distribute, share, etc as we wanted. Many photographers are unlikely to give up all rights to photos without a significant chance in price because they then can’t use those photos in their portfolios or as examples of their work. 
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    I am confused by the question.  A "unique" location?  Affordable?  What is your budget?  What is important to you?  Scenery?  Activities?  Big city? 
    You can elope in the USA anywhere you can obtain a marriage license.  Many states have a three day waiting period before the license is valid. 
    You can also hire a local photographer to take your pictures.  If you are eloping, there will be no guests at your wedding, so you shouldn't need many pictures.
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