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Pedistals Florist Garden City Park

Well respected florist...I dont know how they got this reputation! They acted like they were there for me and wanted to make me happy for my wedding day but on the day of the true colors came out...centerpieces were not what I ordered and paid for...girls boquets were loosing rose heads all day bc flowers were not on good shape, the poms I ordered for the flower girls were wrong and they sent new ones with dead flowers, sent a third one and they felll apart before the church. The guys flowers were falling apart as well...when I called to question the order they had hissy fits that I was insulting them hung up on me and that was there idea of settling the matter. Real classy pedistals...I have video and pics of the flowers and now instead of getting some $ back I am taking them to my advice stay away especially from Virgil and Chris...they behave  like hysterical teenage girls!

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    Thank you so much for this review! My friend told me to steer clear of that vendor because their flowers come out so bad and don't match what you order. I'm so sorry you had to go through this!
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    I know its sad
    That's why I deal with alot of family owned businesses.  My florist Designs By Rose - GREAT people.

    My shower - The Metropolitan - brother & sister own it

    My wedding venue - Carlysle on the Green - family operated
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    I went by pesdestals and besides the fact that they are ridiculously expensive- the guy that i met with tried to tell me what i should have for my centerpieces after i repeatly told him no. He was extremely rude and pushy- I went with Flowers by Burton. We'll see how it turns out on the wedding day
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    That's funny....I met with them (Pedestals) but in the end chose another florist who was willing to work with my budget. And yes, their prices ARE expensive....I told Virgil what my budget was from the beginning so I wouldn't waste his time or mine and he went into some back room, only to come out with a quote that was $800 OVER what I told him I could afford. Like did he think that all of a sudden $800 was just going to magically appear in my wallet? hahaha
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