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Wedding Woes

car problems.. 1 week until wedding day trip

im so sad, literally a week before we get married and take our trip to Houston.. my car shows me scary warning lights. (electronic power steering...etc) my car is usually SO reliable. I wasn't expecting this at all. (maybe it's just the sensors are bad?)
Anyway the dealership will look at it on Thursday.. which is exactly a week before my wedding and I absolutely need my car back the day before (May 23) Because we are leaving town early on May 24. Yes we have a 2nd car but His car is too old to make the trip, he only uses it for work. We use my car for everything else especially going into scary Houston roads. 
I'm just upset. I wish I knew everything is going to be okay.
I literally don't have time for this. 
I think I just want some empathy. This is really ruining my week. :'(

Re: car problems.. 1 week until wedding day trip

  • In all likelihood they will be able to fix your car. If they can’t, you’ll rent orborrow one. It will be fine. Houston isn’t that scary. 
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    That stinks, I'm sorry.

    Our washer stopped working 2 days before our wedding so we had to professionally launder our honeymoon clothes and the day before the wedding my H hit a pothole and had to replace his tires.  

    Handle everything day by day - does it suck - yes!  But soon you'll be married and things like car maintenance will be regular PITA's and not added-to-wedding-stress PITAs.
    Erin & Cookieshort+sassyahoyweddingernursej
  • What a bummer! Hopefully it’s a quick fix. 

    Worse case scenario is to rent a car that will get you there and the dealership will likely cover it if they have to keep yours that long. 
  • thank you for the replies everyone, it means a lot. im trying my best. one day at a time.
  • I'm so sorry to hear that!  I hope it is quick and easy fix for you.  I swear, I think the majority of time when a warning sensor lights up, it is usually something wrong with the sensor, lol.

    As an example, shortly after I bought my car, the engine light came on.  But the car seemed to be working just fine.  I'm freaking out and calling the dealership.  I spoke to the manager in charge of service.  The first question he asked me was, "Did you get gas recently?"  Why, yes.  I had.  Apparently if the gas cap isn't screwed exactly perfectly on...and sometimes even if it is...it will trigger the engine sensor.  The gas cap?  Really?

    I hope yours is something equally as stupid and nbd, lol.

    The best way to handle the stress is have a Plan B ready.  That way, no matter what happens with the car, you all will be ready.  Make a rental car reservation that you can cancel within 24 hours.  Or maybe a close friend or relative has a spare car they can loan.  You got this! 

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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    Worst case scenario,  you can rent a car. 

  • Here's hoping it's just something simple to fix!
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