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Cresthollow Review?!

We are thinking of booking the cresthollow does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Re: Cresthollow Review?!

  • alithebridealithebride
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    my advice-go elsewhere. i've been to tons of events. never impressed.


  • smsuziesmsuzie
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    Unless you need it for the space - a very large wedding try others.
    My friends are getting great deals at
    Chateau Briand
    Jericho Terrace
    I'm at Carlysle on the Green, a bit pricey but the room and views are beautiful and my parents are helping.

    I hope it helps.

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    i am getting married there march 2012..i have been to two wedding there and have loved it..since i went back after looking at other venues i still fell in of luck
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