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Giving the Bride Away

My parents got divorced when I was very young. My father was absent for most of my childhood, but has become a better father now that we are both older and wiser. My mother has always been there for me. I'm a traditionalist and want my father to give me away. But I know that doing so will upset my mother. Would it be wierd to have both parents walk me down the isle and give me away?
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Re: Giving the Bride Away

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    Would it be wierd to have both parents walk me down the isle and give me away?
    Posted by emidle2008
    Not weird at all.  A lot of people do it that way.  Hopefully your Mom and Dad will be willing to share the honor though.
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  • Not wierd at all. My dad is deceased so my mom is walking me down and when the minister asks "Who presents this woman?" My mom and sister will say "We do" beacsue it was just the 3 of us for soooo long.

    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
  • I think having both parents walk you down the aisle is a sweet gesture.
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  • My mother will be giving me away. I guess it just me but you said your father wasn't around, meaning I assume, that your mother raised you. Have you spoken to her about your wishes to have your father walk down with you two? I know my mom would personally be hurt because she raised me and he was never there. Just my two cents.

    I know it will work out the best for you!
  • I think having both your parents walk you down the aisle is fine.

    My SIL had her mom walk her down the asile. Her father was absent for most of her life and she just felt the honour should be given to her mom. Her dad was at the wedding (and wasn't happy that he didnt walk her down the aisle--in fact he sat in the BACK row rather than the front row)... But it made my SIL happy to have her mom walk her down.

    Do whatever will make YOU happy... If having both parents walk you down will make you happy, then I think that's what you should do. Just tell your mom that you love her & are forever grateful for all of her love and dedication through the years...Let her know how specail she is. Explain to her that you want her to walk you down the aisle along with your father, but that her love is irraplaceable.
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  • I think have both of them do it, but do something to make your mom feel really special and appreciated either in the ceremony or at the reception... may thank her for everything she did during a speech, present a flower to her during the ceremony.  Something to let her know that you love her and appreciate everything she did for you while you were growing up.
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