So, went dress shopping with my mom a few weeks ago. They didn’t have the dress I really like, so we tried on some other ones so that my mom could get a general idea of the shape and look of the other dress was. She ended up pulling a dress completely different than mine, and she loves it. It is really nice, and I look good in it, but now I am torn between the two.


Me and my mom have a less than perfect relationship, so I kind of want to get the other dress to make her happy. But I also know that this is supposed to be MY day, and MY decision, and that I should instinctively go with the one I like more.  But I just don’t know.


Why is this so complicated!? It’s just a dress, right?


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Re: Dilemma

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    Go with what you like!  It is your day and you don't want to have buyers remorse later.
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    Please go with the one that you like. 

    The reason is because although you only actually wear your dress for the public on one day, you actually do spend quite a lot of time with your dress. Between picking out shoes that go with it, alterations, picking a coordinating veil, jewelry, bridal portraits, and a TTD session (obviously all of these are optional, but you see what I'm saying) your dress gets a lot of attention.

    Therefore, it is possible that if you get the dress that she likes just because she likes it, the more you do things with the dress over the wedding planning process and even when you look back at your wedding pictures and/or video you could start to actually resent her because you only bought the dress to make her happy. 

    If you bought the dress you actually love, then you will love it throughout the process and even in the future when you look back at your pictures. 

    Does this make sense? This exact situation happened to a close friend of mine and she has actually gone back and taken bridal portraits in HER dress and keeps those around. Furthermore, if you end up not being able to handle it mid-way through the planning process you could end up a two dress bride, which is way more headache. 
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