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No inner envelope addressing

Hello - hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I'm not doing inner envelopes and have a couple instances where I'm not sure how to properly address.  How do I address the "and guest" part when I don't know their guest?  Do I put Mr. XX and Guest?  Or just Mr. XX and they'll figure it out.


Re: No inner envelope addressing

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    I'm not doing inner envelopes either, I figure it saves paper and I'm doing DIY invitations either way.  But I think you do address it as XX and guest.
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    and guest or if you rsvp has a place t put how many seats are reserved you can just do the number 2 and they can figure it out....

    this also helps people from bringing uninvited people haha
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    I didn't do inner envelopes and I wrote out exactly who was invited on the outer envelope.  If I knew their names, I wrote their names.  If I didn't, I just put and guest.  I even included the names of a couple's children (unless they had 5 kids, and then I just put "and family"), just so there is no issue on who is invited.

    It helps on people bringing uninvited guests, but you will still get some of those.  I've had about 5 people assume they can just a bring a date and we've had to tell them no. 
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