Had my 1st Wedding Dream

all full of anxiety! I thought I was going to rip my hair out. Everything was GREAT! except--- Flowers. I was minutues from walking down the aisle and the florist did not use the color or flowers I requested and i was doing my own flowers right then and there in the church and had asked my BMs to run to the grocery store to pick up flowers with the colors I wanted or anything that looked nicer than dead looking stems I had.

Anyone else have dreams yet?

Re: Had my 1st Wedding Dream

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    i had terrible dreams like this starting - it got worse as the wedding got closer!
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    haha the only dream I have had so far was one of me realizing my hair and makeup weren't done and the ceremony was about to start.  I panicked- then I remember getting mad at myself and saying stupid its only hair and makeup your future husband is waiting at the end of the aisle that is all that matters.

    I laughed when I woke up, chastising myself in my dreams ha!  I have a feeling I will have more later on, I just don't have time to focus on the wedding much right now.  School is all consuming!  So most of my nightmares are related to messing up at school.
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    Hope the dreams get better and more positive :-)

    I kept myself so busy with work and school that I felt like I never had time to get anxious about the wedding. I alotted specific hours for panicking, so that by the time I went to sleep, I just slept like a baby. I can never seem to remember dreams. I wish I could though.
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    I woke up and found it to be funny. So far no further dreams. :) *yet

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    Owe, I've have a million wedding disaster dreams. Now that I'm only 10 days away, they seem to have subsided. I'm also not as stessed becuase, at this point, we're so close, I just don't care anymore. I'm just ready to get there.

    I did have a friend who got married last year and she used to dream that she would cheat on her fiance!  Now that's 10 times worse then the worst wedding dream. When she told me it made me feel a little better about my disaster dreams. They are a very happy couple and I've always kind of looked up to them. Wedding planning does strange things to people.
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