Sparklers Anyone?

I just found out that my venue does not allow sparklers. :(

I'm soooooo bummed. Does anyone wanna buy them? I have 285 10 inch sparklers (they came in a packege of 288 but we tested a couple). I purchased them on this website:


I paid $45 for them but if your interested just make me an offer. I can't beleive this. I have NO backup plan.


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Re: Sparklers Anyone?

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    OH NO! We wanted sparklers and are currently in talks with negotiating with our venue to let us...

    My friend suggested pinwheels... Our church doesn't let you throw anything, and I thought all the spinning pinwheels would be really cute. They have a bunch on do it yourself sites so you can make them very 'you'.

    I hope this helps or atleast sets off a few other ideas for you. GL
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    Kim - PM'ed you.
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