NWR: New Obsession

Anything Kardashians but especially Miami... even though I am late on the trend its still amazing. 

What are y'alls??

Re: NWR: New Obsession

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    Oh My Gosh... all the Jersey shows. Housewives of New Jersey and Jersylicious. Can't get enough and I came late in the game as well!
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    Jersey Shore season 2 starts tonight, yessss! :) Haha
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    Kardashians for sure. Scott is psycho!

    and Teen mom, seriously the d-bags in this show crack me up!

    I'm also trying to get into the whole Holly's world.
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    So am I a freak that I am obsessed with ALL you guy's obsessions? LOVE LOVE LOVE Kardashians... Jersey Houseives (as well as all houseives shows) Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture, Teen Mom... Also Wedding Shos.. ALL OF THEM.
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    Bethenney Getting Married.  I was late getting into this, but LOVE it.
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