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beach house to rent to host wedding? Helllp!!!

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where i could rent a beach house to hold our wedding. We want to get married next summer time and want to do a laid back thing. Just a ceremony and then have a big party no sit down dinner or anything like that. We would have about 140 people and im having trouble trying to find a place to rent. We are from CT and were looking for anything in CT or RI. Pleeasse help!!!
Has anyone even heard of doing this before? Maybe its not even possiable?? 
Help!! Thanks

Re: beach house to rent to host wedding? Helllp!!!

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    It is possible but expensive and it does require a good deal of research on your part. I don't want to discourage you but there are a few things you should consider if cost is an issue. You will definitely need to purchase liability insurance (I did via wedsafe.com) and host liquor liability insurance if you choose to serve alcohol or you can purchase it via the caterer you hire for your wedding. There is the cost of rentals which can definitely add up. I know this won't be a sit down dinner but you will still need to rent some tables, chairs, china and possibly a tent and lighting as well as generators for the DJ or band and the caterer will need an area for set up. You will need portable toilets. I will strongly advise you to hire a coordinator to direct all of your vendors and to ensure a smooth execution. There are also a few other things to consider like parking for guests and nearby accommodations for out of town guests. Definitely check with town ordinances to see if a police is required and other rules or regulations. 

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    My fiance & I are renting a house for our wedding reception and the surrounding week.  Check out VRBO.com, and calling local real estate agents in the areas your looking at might be helpful.

    good luck!

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    and yes, it requires a lot of research and a lot of extra things that you wouldn't normally need/think about!!!!!!
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  • Kdemos...what house did you rent?
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