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Hi Ladies, another one of my dearest friends recently got engaged! She's been on the hunt for wedding vendors -particularly photographers since they generally book up very quicly. She has a budget of  around 2 grand. She mentioned two photogs she's interested in but I have never heard of them so I was wondering if anyone has heard of either one. 

Lindsey Ocker from NH but she does weddings all over N.E 


Melissa Stimpson, who is based in Providence R.I 

Also, if anyone can recommend some photographers in that price range with a similar style of photography. My old photography sheet is outdated since pricing changes yearly plus these photographers seem relatively new to the scene. Thanks!

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    Hey Moni
    I actually heard of Melissa Stimpson. I hadn't heard of her before I booked my photo. but someone I knew was looking into her so I checked out her site. Her stuff looks really nice, especially since she seems newer to the scene. I actually really like her stuff

    I would recommend Aubrey Greene as well- her photos look similar and are dusky with that pop. I believe her packages were in the mid-2's but I am sure she might have something that is less hours etc.

    caitlin Maloney has some similar stuff- but I have a feeling she has since doubled her pricing from when I first received it (long story there).

    And of course, I love our photographer Casey Harrison- who is def. in that price range. From hello, love photography.

    I believe someone on here has used Olivia Gird as well- but I don't know where her pricing falls...hopefulyl they can pipe in.
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    Mia Paige Photography would fit into that budget as well. She's based out of CT, but I think she would probably travel to RI. Website: http://www.miapaigephotography.com/

    I also like Steve L. Romero. He's from New York but travels to the New England area, and he offers a package that is $2,000. He's very flexible, and his work, I think, is really good. http://www.slrphotographer.com/main.html
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    We are about to sign a contract with Olivia Gird.  The package she put together for us is $2300. I gathered a bunch of pricing info last month, but we only met in-person with Olivia. 
    Holly Redmond might be another option for that budget.  Obviously it all depends on the "extras" that she wants.
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    We've had a great experience so far with David Bibeault of http://www.davidbibeaultphotography.com/. I don't think his website is that great or gives you a good idea of his photography. He is well under $2,000.00 for a full day of service with a 2nd photographer. We were really happy with him and his work for our engagement photos taken in Wickford this summer. I'd be happy to pass on our link if you or your friend are interested.
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    With all the photographers out there, how did you  decide on one over the other? I have been following the posts and looking up pretty much every suggestion offered, but I am having a hard time deciding. Besides budget, what should be deciding factors? Should we meet with all the options and see who flows the best? I feel lost. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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    ^ I think one of the biggest deciding factors is chemistry. Your photographer is going to be the person(s) that will capture all of your most precious memories. You want to make sure they understand your vision and that you feel absolutely comfortable around the photographer. I definitely suggest meeting with potential photographers to get a better feel for who they are especially personality wise. 

    Also, thanks ladies for the suggestions. Jennifer, I completely forgot Hello Love! Her work is definitely in line with the other two photographers. I like Melissa Stimpson's work and her rates are low - thinking about doing a anniversary shoot next year lol 

    David B. is quite popular on here which also means the man books quickly! I told her to meet with him asap. 

    Aubrey Green and Holly Redmont also look great. She is contacting both for more info. 
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    I went with Valentino Photography. They are pretty good. I got them for about 2200 for the whole day and got a free e-session as well that came out fantastic. They are a husband and wife team and sometimes He has his daughter work with him as well. If you need anymore info let me know!
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    are the prices that you ladies are mentioning only for the actual photography shoot?  do they include albums?
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    My package with Olivia Gird was a custom package for $2300 which includes 6 hours of coverage, engagement sessions, a magazine style proof book with all photos, two tri-told folios for photos (has 3-5 images) , cd of negatives (we can print), and web hosting.  We decided against getting an album since we were getting the magazine proof book and the cd.
    Hope this helps.
  • Check out Jennifer Lima Photography. I booked her for my wedding. She is very reasonably priced, fun, professional, and will basically make a package for your wants.
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