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Hi Ladies -
I am writing with a hair/makeup question. I went to get my hair done last night and I hadn't seen my hairdresser since getting engaged, and I talked to her about doing my hair. My salon offers makeup too, but I don't think I want to use her for that - I want to call Kristin Greene - i've heard great things. anyways, so my stylist said that in order to book her for the date, they need 50 % deposit of all service. I would be $100 total, BMs $65 each. Do these rates sound far? They seem to be pretty consistent with what i've been researching. also, I would need to contact my 3 BMs and see if they can give me half of 65 each, does that sound right? I mean, I feel kind of awkward asking them, but they should know this is what they signed up for when they agreed to be in the wedding right? Do you think they expect costs like this to come up? I would love to pay for everyone but with so many other expenses...it would be tough. thoughts?

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    The costs seem reasonable and right on what we are paying.

    My thoughts on who pays. If you are requiring them to have their make-up done you should pay, I fully understand your point on expenses adding up.  If you are not requiring it, I would let them know the cost and that you need to book soon to give them the option. Hope that helps!
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    Yes the rates sounds about right. My hair is $125, bm is $75 and its the same for makeup.

    As far as the bm's go, you should give them the option of hair/makeup as you technically cant require it unless you willing to paying for it. I After I figured out who I was using and got prices, I let the girls know that I had people coming to me that morning and that it would cost x-amount if they would like to use their services as well. I also stressed to them that they were free to do their own or use their own particular stylist. I didnt want them to feel they were required or pressured to spend more money.  They ended up deciding to use who I had coming. So, I would offer it to them in a non-pressure way and you'll be fine. Most likely they will be fine with the cost!

    Also, I have heard great things about Kristin Greene. We are using Sara Faella who is another great makeup/hair artist that is worth looking into!

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    Thanks girls for the comments! This is one of the vendors I am super excited about. I am planning on e-mailing my 3 girls tonight and the moms to see how they feel about it - in a very non threatening way - I mean if they want to do their own hair and makeup, it is really fine with me. I know I don't want to do my own so that's for sure left to the pros! I decided to use the salon I go to in NPT for both services and travel to them so we can all get done together. they are even renovating the salon this winter and building a bridal lounge so you can bring in food, champagne and other goodies! so excited!
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