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Belcourt Castle: Reviews and Pricing

I'm very interested in Belcourt Castle. Their website says nothing about pricing so I wrote and email asking for more info but have not heard back yet.   Has anyone else looked at this venue? Do you know what the rental fee is? Does it include anything (day-of planner, linens, etc)? 


Re: Belcourt Castle: Reviews and Pricing

  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    edited December 2011
    Correct me if I am wrong but I recall it being for sale. 
  • BrambleBerryBrambleBerry member
    edited December 2011
    They are no longer doing weddings. My wedding was scheduled there and it has been cancelled because the place is up for sale and the prospective buyers will be using the place for private use. 
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    oh no!! I was convinced this would be the place! :( I'm so disappointed. I'm sorry to hear about your wedding, that's so wrong of them to cancel if you already paid. :(
  • BrambleBerryBrambleBerry member
    edited December 2011
    They paid my deposit back but they did fail in finding me an adequate replacement. They had the nerve to offer my the "Tennis Hall of Fame" when the Tennis Hall of Fame could be a nice place for other brides- but this was nothing like getting married in a castle. They told me it had "museum like rooms". Yea- of tennis memorabilia! I don't like sports, am not particularly good at tennis and was extremely insulted by their offer. My mom had paid a lot of money for my gown and I bought a gown FOR a caslte- not a tennis court! Can you imagine a cathedral length veil at the tennis hall of fame? It would seem ridiculous! The Tennis Hall of Fame could make for a beautiful venue BUT it did not fit with everything I had already planned and PAID for with all my other vendors. Rosecliff was wonderful in accommodating my wedding but Belcourt refused to pay the difference in price. I called almost every single venue in Newport proper and these were the only two places available so they are legally responsible for finding me a venue of equal or greater value. I couldn't change my date because I had all my vendors locked in with big deposits, hotels had been booked, Save the Dates went out and my fiance's family already all paid for their flights.  I plan to bring them to court to pay the difference in Belcourt and Rosecliff. 
    Anyway- check out Rosecliff--- it's amazing and they are great to work with
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    edited December 2011
    You might want to check out Oceancliff too. 
  • calindicalindi member
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    edited December 2011
    Anyone who is missing out on Belcourt should check out Branford House in Groton, CT if they're willing to go outside of Newport.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and even has a lighthouse on property!  And it's a fraction of the cost - $4000 for a full 10 hour rental, including tables and chairs.  You can have a ceremony on site for no additional charge if you want.  We're renting different chairs because we don't like the ones they supply - folding chairs, too casual for the mansion atmosphere.  But it's absolutely STUNNING and affordable!



  • edited December 2011
    I would like to address the current review of Belcourt Castle by user BrambleBerry.
    I was there the day the bride was told she could not have her wedding at this venue. Though the owner used no tact and I repeat no tact in breaking the news to her every option at that time was afforded the bride, the groom and the mother of the bride available to assist her in finding a proper venue. The only places available were yes The Tennis Hall of Fame which was cheaper and Rosecliff which is more expensive yes than Belcourt Castle. The bride and her mother were told that every place had been called. I tried every, EVERY venue and I have been in Newport half of my life and no one was available for that date. FYI it was Columbus Day weekend. The bride is mistaken in her review. Rosecliff had quite a bit to say about brides I shall not repeat it, and the bride was offered also a discount on her wedding costs due to my efforts. There was a serious reduction in the price guidelines that were offered the bride and her mother. Belcourt is on the side that does not face the water and Rosecliff is. In fact the Great Gatsby was filmed there with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, two of Hollywood's finest actors to this day. The bride should be very appreciative for Belcourt did everything possible to accomodate this bride. The contract had been written with the foundation that once....I stress once ran Belcourt and the owner did not have to honor the contract but she did the right thing and refunded the deposit in full and  a discount was given to this bride which is given to NO ONE.
    I will offer a bit of information that this bride did not offer her mother made phone calls as would any mother of the bride and pestered Belcourt for her deposit once a location was found. Belcourt again did everything to support this bride and help her months before her ceremony date. Yes we did not want her to change her date and every option was afforded to this propective bride and many happy weddings have taken place at Belcourt during the owners time here. She was married here herself and has just celebrated 50 years of living at Belcourt and yes it is being sold....not her wish but financially the best thing to do.
    So I am heartbroken that this bride would enter such a bad review because of course emotions run high when it is your wedding. She also stresses she will bring Belcourt to court over the difference she had to pay....though she did pick one of the most expensive venues in Newport and was offered a discount. I think Belcourt not only afforded this bride the right thing to do and she is able not to have her wedding not at Belcourt but one of the most beautiful places other than Belcourt to have her wedding. I thank you for the time and names will be kept to themselves as long as respect and privacy are allowed but no bride has the right to use this website or any other as her sounding board when a venue was on her side and did.....THE RIGHT THING!
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    "Abeautifulcastle" is a joke. I know exactly who he is.

    How dare he, a lackey at the mansion, talk to a client this way after he probably gave her the run around. Insinuating that a client is difficult is disgusting when the problem is how this individual treats people at the mansion.

    He apparently lives at the mansion and, although it is foolish of the owner to allow him there, he has no place to say that she lacks tact when he is reknown in Newport for his maniacal outbursts and temper tantrums.

    Yes, this individual once ran the mansion... into the ground. In fact, in 2006 after the owner's husband died, he was removed by the police. He has verbally and physically assaulted people on the premises before and would harass people at the convention and visitors' bureau.

    It is disgusting that this individual would comment on the owner's finances and damage her reputation further than he already has. He is the laughingstock of Newport and everyone is dismayed that the owner chooses to associate with him.

    But oh yes, names Will B kept secret? I'm sure it is the least one can do when acting in an undiginified matter and damaging the very edifice he claims to care for.
  • edited December 2011
    This is in reply to the nasty personal dig put on your website.

    This person writes Belcourt is not a beautiful castle but is a joke and they know who wrote the email. Does this person know Belcourt? Belcourt is a home that is not perfect and needs work but is a beautiful structure and it is up by sale by the owner. We know who wrote the email.

    It is not a joke.

    The person who used this website rather than calling the person in question ....is a huge joke. I have visited the castle and know it is beautiful and a fine piece of Richard Morris Hunt architecture that would have been knocked down.

    Please use another website to complete an attack. I do believe, not once was the wedding involved only the client. It is a wedding website about reviews and pricing.

    The wedding would not have been cancelled by this individual in fact, the wedding could have been done and no one should have said "NO" to a bride.

    This person who wrote the review does not get information correct. The family that has the ownership of the castle has had many reviews written about them over the years and can stand on their own as far as reputation and finances which is public knowledge.

    People have been rude and not got their way and someone has to correct them, would this writer like the job....why hasn't this person taken it.

    This person, the writer..bellevueavenue..has issues and cleverly used words to their advantage. Is that intelligent, not really. Use your words, your phone and yourself.

    The review was done in good taste, with respect and served no purpose to the individual.

    The person that wrote the reply has a motive. Clearly.

    Who cares about Belcourt? So many ....now that is the only joke!

    I do.
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    Learn how to read. The user "Abeautifulcastle" is a joke. Belcourt itself is a poor, inanimate victim in his games. It's obvious that "Abeautifulcastle" and "upsetoverreview" are the same person with a hair-trigger temper.

    "Abeautifulcastle" is a 50-ish year old man named Will Brulotte who has been fired from just about every job he has ever had (including a stint as the manager of a men's clothing store). He is the former general manager of the mansion. During his tenure at the mansion he was a continual embarrassment to the house, the family and Newport's events and museum community.

    The owner has wrongly taken pity upon him and has him living in her house and driving her car all around Newport. He is the same kind of person as Kevin Koellisch who duped her mother-in-law in the 80s and 90s. History repeats itself! He was removed by the police in 2006 after the owner's husband died.

    Will just wants to identify people so he can run smear campaigns upon them to his audience of one, Belcourt's owner.
  • edited December 2011
    In reply....again I state this website is for wedding use only NOT for personal attacks which this person knows quite well but still uses it as a means to vent their personal frustration.

    And it is not the same person no temper here use the correct medium or by chance vent your frustration personally that would be too easy.

    Lots of things can be said and it obvious that this person is not happy with themself and the management of this website will be contacted.

    It is noted this person does not know facts at all.
    So believe this person who will be contacted personally instead of through an website. They will be dealt with. Newport I have found is full of people with an opinion.

    Thank you. What about a wedding? Pricing?
  • edited December 2011
    That is exactly Will's erratic/near-illiterate style of writing. He is jealously "guards" Belcourt rather than sharing it. He acts as if it is his own private domain. How interesting it will be when he is thrown to the streets again, particularly when he said his hostess lacts tact!

    I am sure people will start coming out of the woodwork.
  • edited December 2011
    The user says he has "been" to Belcourt, etc, but then speaks as if he has inside knowledge on the workings of the mansion. He is not good at hiding his identity and it proves a great disservice to have a supposed representative of the venue attacking a bride who was wronged there.
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