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this questions may be better suited for my catering person but,
How do you handle a post wedding brunch/breakfast? We want to have one, but not sure how you handled the logistics - how many ppl? invitations? We want people to know that it's going on and all guests are invited? We understand and want it to be a kinda come and go as you want type thing. help?

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    We put an insert in the invitation inviting everyone to a post-wedding brunch (hosted by the Bride's grandmother in celebration of the newlyweds). We also included a response box on the RSVP card, in order to get an approximate head count. I have to say, the brunch was one of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend. It was a relaxed buffet, and we had time to talk to many of the people we didn't get to spend enough time with the previous night. The newlyweds both agree that they are really happy to have had the brunch. (We had about 150 out of the 175 wedding guests drop in for the brunch!)
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