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Susan Sancomb/Nicole Gesmondi/Brad Smith

Anyone used any of these for photographer? experiences? photos to share if you have them? thanks! :)

Re: Susan Sancomb/Nicole Gesmondi/Brad Smith

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    I haven't used them. But I have to say of all the photographers we met with I loved Susan's personality the best. She was so warm and invitingand ws a real professional. I also follow Brad on FB and he has some great shots- especially down in South County!
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    2012do - we met with susan the other night and liked her a lot as well - although she was the one who had me freaked out about the timing of my ceremony(i think you also commented on my other post) we also couldnt believe her pricing for 2012 - more than fair! we are looking at brad as a recommendation of a friend and we had never heard of him but glad to here he is out there on FB!

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    URISweethearts, I saw this after your previous post.  We're using Susan and couldn't be happier.  Planning from 3,000 miles away, Susan took the time to describe Narragansett and our venues (all of which we had not seen in person; we just saw everything for the first time two weeks ago and were blown away).  I felt like she really took the time to talk to us about the locales and our style (for about 45 minutes) before we even started talking pricing, etc.  I was sold because everyone else we talked to just wanted to get to the chase about how much they charge, etc.  Add to that, Susan knows the area and described some of her favorite local places and her photos speak for themselves. 

    But, I totally understand your thoughts (especially from the other post) about the timing for the day.  My advice is to just be honest with any potential photographer about the timeframe you would like and the scope of shots you would like in between.

    Good luck and hope some of this helps!  : )

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    belle - we loved susan too, even though she did make me a little nervous. we are really considering moving the ceremony even just 1/2 hour to leave more of a cushion with the timing. i hate to be rushed and we really want to thank our guests in the receiving line. we have been to so many weddings were we havent't been thanked at all after flying there, renting cars and hotels, giving gifts, etc and that is what some of our guests will have to do - including bridal party. we are meeting with another photographer tonight and i contacted another one and got pricing last night. i agree with a list of shots we want - definitely need to do it and be honest with the photographers about a time frame we have. thanks for your comment!
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