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Venues in Rochester NY

We are looking to get married and have the reception at the same spot. We will have less than 200 people. We want something unique and different-any ideas?

Re: Venues in Rochester NY

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    I haven't personally checked either of them out yet (on my to-do list), but you could look into the Rochester Museum & Science Center and Pier 45 Rochester.

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    Try the AMAZING Carey Lake in is AMAZING and UNIQUE
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    My hairstylist had her wedding and reception at the Rochester Planetarium.  She said that she was able to have whatever backdrop they wanted on the Planetarium "ceiling" (she choose a sunset) and she said it was a lot of fun, unique and they loved it.  Good luck in your hunt. 
    Another place to look at is the Glen Iris Inn.  Good luck :)
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    sanibels in webster is a great place. their chicken french is amazing.
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