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I will be having my wedding this fall in cades cove. I have been there a few times and am familiar with the area, but still need help! I live in Ohio and am so confused on how to have a wedding in the cove. What do people normal do for transportation as there is a limit to the amount of cars? Any and all tips will GREATLY be appreciated!!

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  • I don't thing too many of the chapels do weddings in the park. Above The Mist is the only one that I've read about. However if you want to do everything yourself I did find this: http://www.cadescove.net/cades_cove_wedding.html
  • I won't be doing it through anyone that plans weddings. I'm organizing everything on my own. I have a friend doing my photos but I know I've read and been very confused on the photo policies and fees. I've read what the persons limit is for the chapels within the cove, but you can only have so many cars travel in the cove. Is there anyone who has been to or had their wedding there?!
  • I have not, but live not far and have never seen a wedding happening at one of the chapels. That said have you tried calling the park and asking. Fall is SUPER busy in the park especially on weekends so they may have some good advice to help things go more smoothly with traffic/tourists. Maybe have a place to meet and rent a van so everyone arrives together and only needs one parking spot?

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  • I'm interested in the replies as well. I want to get my permit for the end of May or beginning of June next year... Message me if you have any insight on vendors - good or bad... I'm also planning from out of state.
  • I live in the Sevierville area and I am planning on getting married in Cades Cove on Oct. 18,2014. I've been there multiple times and there is limited parking all through the park. I know the primitive baptist church is where I'm getting married and there's a road you go down off the main road and there is a little bit more parking available there. I've seen people that have brought school buses of there bridal party and families so they can fit more cars for the guests! Also, the fall is very busy in the area so wherever you ch
  • Wherever you choose to get married at in the park, the tourists will still have access to that area. I'm not to sure of vendors right now. I've been researching and I still haven't found a venue for my reception! Good luck though, and let me know if you find any good vendors/venues closer to that area!
  • @maciejade - do you know of anywhere around there (preferably the townsend side of the mountains) that have farms to rent, not just wedding facilities but houses or campground too? We want to have a bonfire and not have to kick people out at 10-11. Thanks!
  • Actually, I'm looking at Country Manor Acres in Townsend. They have a large property and can do ceremony & reception (and lodging for B&G and some of the bridal party). Just hate that the bonfire party has to end at 11.
  • I was actually just researching venues (for the millionenth time) and found Country Manor Acres. I need to take a look at it! There are not too many barns that are being rented out in that area. The ones I've found are majorly expensive and way out of my budget or just too far away. I have also thought about changing my ceremony site from Cades Cove to somewhere else, but it has so much meaning to me and my fiance and I just can't seem to change my mind. I know there will be no heat/air and no electricity, and also no cell service (which freaks me out, because im a total control freak!) But I just can't get the image out of my head of hundreds of (LED) candles lit at sunset as I walk down the aisle in that beautiful old church. Maybe I will find something more suitable, but as of right now every other venue falls short for me! Has anyone seen any other venues that have an old rustic feel in the east tennessee area? 
  • With the government shut down, Cades Cove is closed until further notice. http://www.nps.gov/shutdown/index.html
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    Review from 6/14/14. Ceremony & Reception: Country Manor Acres April Jopling 3.5 / 5 stars The 60-acre horse farm, renovated barn, and party area are breath taking. The rental includes the reception barn, ceremony site, and two-night stay in the hayloft above the reception area. RENTALS (chairs, tables, linens, etc.) ARE NOT INCLUDED in the event price, budget accordingly. Do not expect to get same day responses, or same-week email replies. The scenery is beautiful. Ms. April's son, Jeff, and her main assistant, Angel, were kind, courteous, and eager workers. You will have to hire help and a parking attendant - and Ms. April has MANY rules and stipulations about what can and can not be used on her property for your wedding. Be forewarned that they will be taking pictures of your event and will post them on Facebook within hours of your wedding -- without telling you or tagging you. My biggest disappointments with the venue were the poor communication, response time, and the issues that arose around the additional nights we had planned to stay at the Hay Loft cabin. I had asked numerous times to get a quote so that I could secure Thursday and Sunday night stays, but never was emailed a price. The WEEK OF THE WEDDING, I was told that the place had been rented out from under me on Sunday because I had never paid a deposit. Very disappointing. Additionally, we paid to stay Thursday in order to set up the rentals and assemble the ceremony and reception sites -- but were told WEDNESDAY that we would not be able to set anything up until SATURDAY morning at 10:30 (5 hours before the ceremony). Because of that rule, we were hours behind on getting ready and were not even showered when our photographer showed up to begin pictures.
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