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Petticoat Fair?

Any one been there/used them for anything (NWR or WR?) The lady at the mall suggested them but said they will try to squeeze you into smaller sizes. Just trying to get opinions on them.

How are they price wise? Website seems pretty decent.

Thank you much

Re: Petticoat Fair?

  • a-c-da-c-d member
    edited December 2011
    I got my wedding corset/bustier there and it was a great fit.

    I am large-chested so after hearing rave reviews about them for larger girls, I tried a couple of times to get NWR bras there and I have never had good luck. They are too structured and they hurt. They have "re-sized" me twice and I finally gave up... so, now I have two EXPENSIVE bras that I can't wear and they won't take back.

    Wedding stuff... totally recommend though!
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    Awesomeness! Thank you! This is for my wedding bra as well, I tend to worry about going to place to handle the "girls" (44-48DDD)

    How were they price wise?
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    They're fantastic - and they have EVERYTHING.  They also have all price ranges.....they'll definitely work with whatever budget you have.  I don't know what the lady meant about "trying to squeeze you into a smaller size".  You try everything on, and they'll bring you other sizes if one doesn't work for you.  I've never felt any pressure there, and have been happy with everything I've purchased. 
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    My MoH and I went this morning and it was a great experience! Sooo relieved to have that part taken care of and out of the way!!! The girl that we had (also a knottie, giggles) was fantastic!!!

    Thank you Ladies!!!

  • erolliserollis member
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    I have not personally bought anything there bra wise. Wasn't impressed but my MOH gives them rave reviews and is a chestier girl. They were nice to me and fmil when we went in and didn't push us to buy anything. It is always worth a look.
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    I'm a big fan of them. They are very helpful, you get one on one time with a sales girl. They take the time to properly measure you and feel out what you do and don't want. I found their prices fair and the service fantastic. I highly reccomend checking them out.
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