Hair and Make-up HELP!

Ok so I've read a lot of good reviews about LucieMarie, but didn't realize how expensive make-up and hair can be! The bridal portrait package is $140 and then wedding day hair is $95 and make-up is $60 (and thats not even airbrush). Is it this expensive everywhere?

I've seen a lot brides talk about Tracy McCaskill and Tara Cooper--do they work alone? I have 8 bridesmaids and both of our moms are probably going to get hair and make-up done too, so a solo person probably wouldn't work.

Please let me know if it's this expensive everywhere and if you have any other suggestions for Hair and Make-up! Thanks!

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    I will keep referring her until everyone knows about Daniel Reyes! I see her every two months for the maintenance of my hair and love this lady! She is professional and almost always precise. She specializes in bridal work and is a fantastic make up artist.

    She may not have the best website in the world, but she is definitely worth an initial consultation! She's been doing my hair for years and it was a special relief knowing I had someone who knew me well enough to be there for my special moment in getting ready! She does have an assistant team when requested and they are all certified and trainned as well. We were given a group special as my bridal party was fairly large too!

    Best part is she came to my hotel and and got me ready for the day.  Most make up artist understand that mobile is the way to be these days! Nothing is more hectic than being crammed into a salon full of nosey clients, who are al complaining about their relationships to other stylist in the same room as you, all while you are preparing for marriage! Sometimes it costs those few extra dollars but if the professional is really pro, she will assure your comfort to the fullest and if she is equipped she'll come to you prepared.
  • Thanks MissMixNMingle!

    How do I get ahold of her or what is her web-site? I googled her name but nothing came up!

  • I may need help with this too.  I have no idea who to look at for this once the day comes around next year.

  • I can't find this Daniel Reyes either.. Anyone have contact info?
  • Everyone I checked with was in this price range.  Unfortunately most people see the word wedding and add $$$.  I ended up going with Keep Austin Gorgeous and while I feel like they did a great job - the atmosphere of the salon on the day of my wedding versus the day of my consultation were night and day!  They set you up believing that you'll have your own private space when it couldn't be farther from the truth.  I don't know if when they started out they did a better job of booking groups farther apart so it was a more intimate space & if they've just now gotten greedy or what.  On top of the hectic energy at the salon I ended up leaving about 30 minutes later than scheduled because they didn't schedule everyone in the bridal party correctly.  Even when I questioned them about the short time they had booked for us when I confirmed the appointments, they reassured me that it was plenty.  Luckily I had built in some slack time to the schedule that day or I would have been running really far behind!
  • Goodness gracious. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have heard not just brides alone complain about Keep Austin Gorgeous but their former hair clients- me being one of them... It just urks me being that the owner was my stylist and a friend of mine years ago. I ran into her last winter and she pretended not to remember me! Really?!?! Because we went out for drinks, dinner and shopping and I gave you over $800 in one year!

    Hear is the funny thing. The owner of KAG was a personal friend of mine. No hard feelings years later... I was her hair client for years before she got really big, back when she operated out of a booth at Grapevine Salon. We were going to help eachother with eachother's business as I was just taking off in mural work and well long story short, she wanted me to help decorate her baby's nursery... I didn't want to work with her after I felt like she waaaaaaaaaaaaay over charged me for some hair extentions in 2010 and honestly I was a little too busy at the time to help her project and was very honest about it too. Daniele Reyes interned and worked for KAG for just a short time until she too felt scammed out of work and taken advantage of and lied to and went into business for herself.
     Becoming one of the most talented hair and make up artists in town! No lie!

    Once you work with KAG, you feel sorta uneasy walking out of there. The work they do is without a doubt stunning and many of the women there are talented but all they do is try to sell you stuff you don't need and overprice everything for the idea of selling you the whole private-intimate getting ready with your closest friends atmosphere. It's all bogus and I saw it from the beginning years ago. Sorry- again, not here to disagree with their talent but it has always been my understanding that they just hustle you and I always felt crappy even after an awesome hair cut. She never honored her coupons in the beginning when I always brought her new clients and then would charge a ridiculous amount on the top of her head. You are in and out the door in minutes without personal attention. Their artist will bounce between 2-3 clients at a time to try and fill in as many guests as possible. It's all pretty ridiculous and I knew this long ago, which is why I knew I just couldn't take it on my my memorable wedding day with my bridesmaids wanting help too.

    For all of your ladies who are looking to work with a professional- call Daniele Reyes. I called her this week and asked what the heck is up with her website and unfortunately, her web hoster is redesigning it this month. So see her temporary one for a more information based one here.

    Her name is Daniele Elaine Reyes... ooops! No wonder she was so hard to find.

    She can certainly provide you with a personal portfolio if you need more referrences during a trial or consultation. Don't buy into a glam website and think you'll be treated like VIP. I'd highly recommend working with someone who offers personal attention ONE on ONE at her studio in Allandale- beautiful neighborhood in Austin.

    Call her and tell her Marcela sent you guys!!! She will treat ya very good!
  • Thanks for all the information but i've actually decided to go with LucieMarie. They are coming to our hotel to get us ready, so hopefully everything will be stress-free (is that possible on your wedding day?!?  ha)

  • I am looking at using LucieMarie for my wedding next March-- please let us know how it turns out!  It looks like they get good feedback and reviews.
  • Ok my wedding isn't until September but i'll let you know!

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