Vintage Villas Dance Area Concern

Hello everyone!My fiancé and I are looking into having our wedding ceremony and reception at Vintage Villas. My one hesitation about VV is the dance/reception area. We plan on having around 150 guests, and they mentioned that there will not be enough room in the dance area for all of our guests to have a table and chairs while still maintaining a decent-sized dance floor. That means many people will be left standing or mingling in another area if they aren’t dancing. To those who have been married there or have attended a wedding there: how has this generally worked out for people? Right now I feel as if it would be a bit awkward having most of our guests standing or in different rooms … I am just having trouble picturing it. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!

Re: Vintage Villas Dance Area Concern

  • I've attending several weddings at Vintage Villas. It is a WONDERFUL place! The food is absolutely amazing, the service you get from the staff is exceptional as well. For the weddings that I have been to (all of similar size to yours) it isn't a big deal at all that people won't be able to all be in the same area. During the major first dances, guests usually just all stand and gather around, which is what they'd usually do even if there are chairs. People like to stand to be able to see.

    Not everyone likes to be in a loud room with music, and this is where the other available rooms come in handy. At the weddings I have been to, a lot of guests like to sit outside and chat/mingle or sit in the main large room. I would consider it a plus to have the extra seating areas that are away from the dance floor.

    The bar area is inbetween all the areas, so it's easy to still see everyone and mingle. There's a nice flow to and from all the rooms, and people move around freely.

    Feel free to ask any other questions, I have been to 5 weddings there.
  • Thanks so much for the feedback! We loved everything about Vintage Villas, but I was just having a hard time picturing the flow of things.

    Thanks again!
  • We were looking at them as well, this is good to know!
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