Venue help!!

I'm coming in from DC next weekend, and I basically have 48 hrs to look at venues and make a decision.

Top on the list: Villa St Clair and AT&T Center
Looking for fun but will likely be too expensive: Barton Creek Resort and Spa and the Driskill.

I've just started looking into the Bob Bullock Museum b/c it's downtown and looks like it will hold more people than Villa St Clair, my first choice. Have any of you gotten married there or attended a wedding there? They don't have wedding pictures on their website, and I'm wondering if they actually do ceremonies, or just receptions. Since my fiance's family and friends will be coming in from Chicago and won't have cars, we want everything in one location.

Any tips on making the most of my time, places to add or drop, or any information on the mentioned venues is greatly appreciated!


Re: Venue help!!

  • I've been to corporate functions and parties at the Bob Bullock but never a wedding.  I know that you could do tables in 8 - 10 in the "rotunda". The staircase would make a nice way to enter the ceremony, but personally I don't think the venue screams "wedding", but then again, I am a transplant so for someone with Texas ties it may be an ideal location.  It's downtown but not "Downtown" like the Driskill.

    The Driskill puts on a heck of a wedding.     

    Have you thought about Laguna Gloria?  When my DH and I were thinking about getting married in Austin, it was at the top of our list.

  • I've worked at a wedding that was at Villa St. Clair. It's a beautiful venue! Food is great as well. The wedding that we were working at was fairly large, nearly 200 people and they had a sizeable dance floor space as well. A minus is that it's kind of out there... off the beaten path.

    I also worked a wedding this past wekeend at The Driskill.  Their service is amazing, but honestly it's so hectic in that place. There were 3 other weddings going on at the exact same time, so there were photographers and wedding parties everywhere.. everyone had to wait their turn and walk around one another. Added stress imho.

    I got married at Laguna Gloria and loved it, but it's just the venue... you have to find all of your other vendors which could be intimidatiing since you are planning from DC.

    I would highly suggest looking at Vintage Villas. It's way better in person than it looks online. They have amazing service. Hands down one of my favorite wedding places in Austin.
  • Hey Girl- I have visited every venue in Austin with my finance! We looked high and low. villa St. Clairis nice, but super far out! If you are a girl from DC, I'm from Chicago, the following places might live up to your standards and price better. Allan House, The Mansion on Judges Hill and Chatue Bellvue. We ended up going with The Mansion. Great service and price for what is included. Also- if your from out of town, find a place that will includes lot, even though the price might be a bit more. It will save you in the end!
  • I'm getting married at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center on October 6, 2012. I really fell in love with this venue. There's a fantastic courtyard with native plants in which we are doing our ceremony. The ballroom is a great size with really beautiful chandeliers and the carpet design isn't too busy (which I've noticed at other hotels downtown). They provide a lot (ie: linens, glassware, cake cutting, stage/dancefloor, etc) with their package and I've only heard good things about their banquet food. So far I have gotten top notch service from the catering manager Jessica. I think they are a great value considering how many people we expect to have (130ish) at our events. Plus, they only do one wedding at a time. 

    I recommend really comparing Austin's schedule of events to your date because there are a lot of them that can really effect the room rates in this city. Our wedding date is a home game for UT football and AT&T is on Campus, so I suspect they expect alumni to stay there. The quoted rate was pretty high, so we contracted a room block at another hotel. 
    Luckily for me and my FH, they throw in a night in the Presidential suite.

    Good luck!
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    Hi - I got married at Lakeway Resort and Spa and it was so great! Everyone also came in from out of town and it was really nice!

  • How many guests do you plan to invite?

    We married at the Caswell House -- it's beautiful and reasonably priced.  Also, it's 9 blocks from 6th Street (entertainment district).
  • Thanks all--we decided on AT&T!! I loved Villa St Clair, but walked in as it was set up for 250 and thought the dancing space was too small. 

    EmmaCam I want to hear all about your experience with AT&T!
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