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Hi everyone! I have been scouring the internet, bridal magazines, and any other place I can to find a venue but I have had no luck. I do have a pretty small budget--I can probably pay about $1500 for a venue but there is not much wiggle room--so I know that is my main challenge. Another challenge I have is that my wedding date is on a Saturday (which I found is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than any other day) and there is not much room for change there either because many of my guests are out of town college students who will still be in school during the month of April. 

I reallly want to get married in Austin on a ranch/vineyard type place under a live oak tree. But unfortunately, I have not found one that is even NEAR my budget. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? It can be a very small place! I only have about 30-35 guests coming and I want an outdoor reception so it doesn't even need to have like a "party barn" or anything like that. I have not lived in Austin since I was very young and I don't really know many places in the area anymore so any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciate! Thank you! 

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  • I'm not sure if there is a tree you can use, but this beautiful chapel is free and fits about 35-40 people.

  • Oh, Mayfield Park has pretty trees and is cheap! You will need to book it only 6 months in advance through Austin's weird policy, but they also release all remaining dates 5 months in advance.

  • Chapel Dulcinea is beautiful and FREE! We are getting married at Driftwood Estate Winery and while the venue rental ran us about $2000, we are able to bring in any vendors we'd like as well as all of our own alcohol (besides wine, of course - but they're giving us 20% off on their wines). They also have all of the tables and chairs we need. Those few things combined have saved us a lot of money along the way.

  • I am getting married at Cedar Bend events just east of Austin... I was also looking for the big tree to get married under but couldn't find an affordable option...  Cedar Bend Events is extremely affordable and soo soo nice!  The pictures are beautiful and it's even more intimate and gorgeous in person  XD Totally worth the drive from austin.  You should definately check it out
  • try rosemary hall i think the rental fee for sat is $350 and its a very pretty outdoor pavillion/venue, the pics online do it no justice!
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    Thank you so much! My fiance and I got a chance to go look at it this weekend and I LOVED It. Not the EXACT image I had in my head but perfect for our budget! You were a huge help :) I think that might be our venue choice! 
  • Thank you so much Sasha! I'm definitely going to see this place! Not only is it a steal, it is BEAUTIFUL. It fits my vision so much more than some of these $5500 places did! You are awesome! 
  • If you are looking for an affordable & unique reception/ceremony/rehearsal space, you might want to check out my Art Gallery in Central Austin called Gallery Black Lagoon.

    Friday & Saturday Pricing: $500 for 5 Hour Rental, $800 for a 10 Hour Rental
    Sunday – Thursday Pricing: $325 for 5 Hour Rental, $600 for a 10 Hour Rental
    Prices include seating for 60, 15 6ft tables, table cloths and more.


    for the gallery is around 150 People standing only (without tables or chairs setup), 70 seated theatre style in main room, or 60 seated at 6ft tables in the main room with more standing room available for 30 in front room. 1750 sq ft of space -> with all tables and chairs setup, MAX Capacity is 100 people.

    Hope that helps some!
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