Where to buy Manzanita Branches??


Does anyone have any idea where to buy Manzanita Branches in Austin?? Does anyone have any they want to sell??

Thank you!!

Re: Where to buy Manzanita Branches??

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    I will have 13 to sell after my wedding on 4/24 if you need them after that. They are spray painted a bronze color which looks really dark brown. 

    If you need them before that, the best places I found online are www.save-on-crafts.com or http://www.nettletonhollow.com/index.html

    Once in a great while you can find one or two at Central Market, but I've only seen them there maybe twice during the past 2 years, not sure if they can order them or not either.

    Really, the price for the branches themselves is not bad - it's the shipping that kills you!
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    You might want to give Southern Floral a call.  They're a wholesaler located on Shoal Creek just north of Anderson Lane.  I'm pretty sure they sell to the public (although you should confirm that), and they have all kinds of fresh flowers and floral supplies. 
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    I have 3, spray painted copper that I want to sell ASAP. Email me if you are interested. secondstar2theright [at] gmail [dot] com
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    I am aslo looking to buy about 10 Manzanita branches for my centerpieces! If anyone still has some for sale please email me at battle4acure@gmail.com! I really hope to hear from someone, I've had a hard time finding them! :)
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