Old-fashioned soda??

Hello Ladies!

I am looking to find old-fashioned soda to have for our cocktail hour. The only thing that I've found has been shopping online at Old General Store (www.shopold52.com). I got a great quote, but the shipping is going to cost MORE than the whole order! Does ANYBODY know a store in Austin that has old-fashioned soda in glass bottles??? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Re: Old-fashioned soda??

  • I think Fiesta carries it in the bottles.
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    One of the larger H-E-B's would carry a variety of sodas. In cans and both plastic and glass bottles. Some of the non-American brands may be located someplace other then the soda aisle, such as ethnic/ Hispanic/ Asian foods.

    ETA: Central Market or Whole Foods may carry soda in glass bottles. It would most likely be more expensive because of the natural ingredients.
  • Thanks, ladies. I'm going to look into it this week!
  • Spec's might have what you're looking for. I know they carry "Mexican" coke in glass bottles, I'm pretty sure they also carry other sodas. You might get a better price buying large quantities there too (case price).
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    Costco carries mexican coke glass bottles at about $1 per bottle. 

    Central Market has a lot more variety but the per bottle price is higher.
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    I suggest talking to the grocery manager at HEB or Central market and see if their vendors (Coke, Pepsi, Izzie) can special order anything for you-- if the grocery store orders it through the vendor it shouldnt cost you anything additional, but they can get you the items.
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