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Hello Again!

I have been on the board here and there over the past couple of years. Lately I have not been able to tear myself away from my month board. I have been using my phone mostly at school to knot. Just wanted to say hello! How are you ladies doing this Tuesday? Wedding planning going smoothly?

Re: Hello Again!

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    Good Morning! I've not "offically" introduced myself to the Austin board as I just moved down here in June. Sooo *waaavvess*

    As far as our planning goes, we were just tossed a couple wrenches the last two days. Originally we were planning a sunset ceremony at a park right up the way from us, when my FI said to me he's always wanted a church wedding.Whaaat?! Ya coulda told me that 4 months ago lol!!

    Sooo now we are trying to get with our Priest to see if they will charge us to use the church, still working on putting the ceremony script together, looking at decor for the church and planning our food. If they are going to want an anourmous amount for the church, then it's going to be back to being an outdoor ceremony-free vs pay-hmm, I wonder which one wins LOL!

    An an upnote tho, we did order my cathedral length veil, got it for a steal-15$!!!
    Have an awesome day!

  • erolliserollis member
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    Oh my! What a surprise! I do think he should have spoken up sooner but what can ya do. That is a steal for $15! Great find!
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    Ooo thats not the only steal we got tho--the best one was my gown-its retailed at between 600-800$ and I got it for a dollar...yes, just one dollar! Granted dry cleaning is $135 but I still save in the long run!

    Meh, yeah, Im not to worried about it really, gotta roll with the punches :)

    Hope your Tuesday is going smoothly!

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