Starting at Square 1 !

I have SO much to do!   I just got engaged a few weeks ago.   I'm glad I found these Community posts, talk about a huge help already!

Why do I feel like I'll be living on these forums :)

Re: Starting at Square 1 !

  • Congratulations Kelly! Welcome to the forums. You will love it here. We've got a great bunch of experienced, still getting through the rocky roads and many other newly engaged gals here. Have fun and feel free to reach out any time! Good luck and Happy Planning!

     I just got married last weekend myself and unfortunately have another week before we leave for our honeymoon to California. I plan on giving everyone juicy updates as soon as I return! My experience was beautiful and went just as expected and morre! The best part was planning it all with the amazing resources and vendors I worked with.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any q's.

    ~Marcela Cool
  • Thanks Marcela! We're going to visit some venues next week! I can't wait :)
  • Awesome! Have fun with all that! Let us know which ones you landed across!

     Good luck and enjoy the touring of all the amazing venues Austin has to offer!  


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