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So I can't get my target registry to pull up.. I don't know if there is somethin I am suppose to do that I am not but whatever it is, it is not working! I would like to send my save the dates but I want to have my registries on the website first! Any one know how to fix it??

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    no help here...but just to let you know, my target gift registry site was always messing up for me. I even had family members complain that they couldnt find it when they went into the store. so maybe its just target and not you...
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    I struggled trying to pull up my Target registry for like an hour and finally figured out that the reason it wasn't letting me sign in was because I was already signed in to Target.com with another email that I had set up way back when just purchasing other items at Target. Once I signed in to Target.com with the e-mail address I used for the registry THEN I could sign on to Club Wedd to edit my registry. Don't know if this is the problem you were having, but if it is hope this helps!
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    Hmm...no idea. Has it always been messing up or is it recent? You could call Target to see what they say. I know the last time I looked at mine it was working so I wonder if it's just the website.
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