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We are getting married at Old Trinity of Paseo in Oct. The problem is that they do not have any people to play music during the ceremony. They do have a sound system that plays CD with a remote, but we don't really want someone sitting with a remote trying to cue music. So we are trying to find some one to play music. One big problem is price, we don't have that much set aside for music because the first church we were going to use quoted us $100 for the organ player. Now with new location music is a new add on. We really don't care what type of instrument, just someone who is going to give us great quality. Have any one in mind, would love to hear from you.

Re: Ceremony Music

  • lmf2010lmf2010
    edited December 2011
    You migh consider calling the School of Music at OU or UCO.  They both have great music programs, and I bet you could get a college person to play solo (like cello or violin) for around that price.HTH!
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