Help me be a wedding planner!

Hey everyone!  Alright, here's the deal, one of my friends and I are starting a wedding coordination company.  I got married 3 years ago and did the whole thing DIY, which I wish I did not do.  SO many things went wrong because I didn't have someone else to do it and I should not have been stressing like I was.  My partner is currently planning her wedding and I am doing it for her.  I have also planned my brothers wedding and am doing 2 more this month.  All those are for free just so I can get more experience.  Here are my questions... How many of you used wedding planners?  What was your budget?  What did you pay the coordinator?  How much of the work did they do?  Were you satisfied with them?  Why or why not?  How long did it take your planner to plan your wedding?  And finally, how did you find your planner?  If you can think of anymore information that would be helpful, please let me know.  I could use all the help I can get.  Also, please let me know what vendors and venues you used and grade them please.  Let me know about the bad experiences and the amazing ones.  Thanks again ladies!

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    I am from the Tulsa area and I didn't need a planner. I honestly don't think there is a need for a planner. People make it sound so stressful but honestly we've had so much fun planning this. Our guest list is about 150 and we've done everything ourselves. You just have to do your research before deciding on major things and discuss with your vendors everything you want. I think maybe some brides would need a day of coordinator and we've even thought about that. Just because you want to relax the day of and know that everything goes smoothly. I've heard from a lot of the other boards that a lot brides do that.
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    I agree with pp!  We did not use a planner and found no need for one!  Sorry!  Our wedding went off without a hitch (well...besides us getting "hitched"  :D ) It could just be us though, we are just natural planners. Sorry this isn't much help! ~Amelia
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