I'm alive...I promise...

So it has been like a few weeks since I've been on all thanks to life and school. I thought things would be a bit more hectic since I'm taking 19 hours this fall (crazy, I know) but besides class work and interning, I've been volunteering for the campus museum and working on the display for the school's Passport program...so I've been busy writing script for labels and research the stuff that we have been loaned to put out on display for the semester.Oh, an update about my eye...everything is still hunky dory with the eye itself and I finally got to schedule my surgery to fix my drooping eyelid...yay!!! I'll get to have a black eye for a while come October 9th, but hopefully it won't be so bad by my birthday, 21 days later..lol...if not, perfect for Halloween the next day!On another note...I'm finally under 500 days on the countdown!! Well I'm actually at 496!!! I'll be getting to put some major deposits down this fall and I'll get to make some appointments over Winter Break!! Yay for cake testing!! I got the cake topper set for Jeremy's cake in just before school started..the set is even cutter in person and I can't wait to see them on the groom's cake!!Ok...now I must run off and do homework/research/study....wish I could just plan all day and not have to worry about classes..oh well...there's always next weekend!

Re: I'm alive...I promise...

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    This is an odd questions, but what is the surgery to fix your drooping eyelid?  I only ask b/c my left eyelid droops and in pictures, i look like im drunk or high.  i really hate it!
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    I miss you C! You should REALLY text me when you have some spare time. LOVE YA!
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