New/Unused Serving Set and Petticoat/Slip for Sale

Hi,I live in Ardmore, but am getting married in TX, so I am usually not on here...I purchased a slip/petticoat when I bought my dress at Lulu's in Dallas.  I just had  my first dress fitting and found out I won't need it.  I paid $39, I'd be glad to take the best offer if anyone would like it.  I'm glad to email photos.I also have a Vera Wang silver serving set with a bow detail on the handles that I received as a gift, but it doesn't match my wedding style.  I can send photos of that as well and would be glad to entertain best offers.Both items are BRAND NEW in their original packaging. I would love to see them get used at a wedding since they won't at mine.My email is lgurnie@aol.com, if you have any questions.Thanks!Lauren
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