To answer you question I had to pull out my surgery packet to find out what its called..lol. Its called "levator aponeurosis advancement." My plastic surgeon at Dean McGee described the surgery as this: he'll make a small incision on my eyelid about the width of the iris (colored part of the eye) and cut the tendon/muscle that lifts the lid and reattach it lower so that it pulls the lid up more and then will stitch my eye lid back up after making sure everything is as symetrical as can be. My eye lid lift is partly comestic but it will also improve my range of vision with the right eye which is a really good thing and why my insurance should cover since it'll be improving eye sight.You can google the procedure but I will warn you, some of the images that came up when I did a search were graphic for those not used to things like that.Hope that helps and if you have any other questions...just page me!

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    Thanks for the info!  I appreciate it.Sorry for everyone else that this is such a random topic which is completely not related to weddings.  lol
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