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Vows For "Reunited Lost and Found Love " Couple

I am searching for ways to make our wedding and reception unique to that fact that we are a "reunited lost and found couple".(We dated and were engaged 33 years ago in 1978. Broke up over a misunderstanding someone else caused. My fiance says, if we had cell phones back then it probably would never have happened!) LOL!
 If anyone has ideas please post. It would mean so much!

Re: Vows For "Reunited Lost and Found Love " Couple

  • Going thru the same thing myself---we dated 28 yrs ago and he never married!! Now here we are getting married 9-10-11 :) hope we get some answers!
  • we started dating in 1975 we were together for 3 years, then he went away to work and due to being young and stupid we let the seperation tear us apart. we both went on to marry others, but we never forgot each other. we recently  reunited and are planning to marry in march of 2012. so you see dreams really can come true.
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