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looking for wedding items for sale

Hello everyone,

My wedding is Jan 6 2012 and I'm looking for some centerpiece items that anyone might have leftover from their wedding.  I'm looking for about 10 tall glass vases, branches, LED lights, card box, ring pillow, ceremony pedestals and items, and anything that would go well in a winter wonderland themed wedding. My colors are whites, creams, and holly greens.  I'm on a bit of a budget here so anything reasonably priced (or free! lol) would be greatly appreciated!  If anyone thinks I should post this somewhere else too please let me know!  i'm pretty new to this whole knot message board thing. =)

Thanks so much!!!

Re: looking for wedding items for sale

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    I was just going to post that I have vases. They aren't super tall, but they make a nice arrangement on a charger plate. They are un-used I changed my mind.
    3 - 8 inch $3 each
    14 - 6 inch $2.50 each
    22 - 4 inch $2 each

    Let me know if your interested or want a pic.
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    ok thanks =)  I might be able to use the short cylinder vases once i decide what to do with the other half of my centerpieces.  I'm doing tall branches in tall cylinder vases for about 8 tables and then i'll do some kind of short vase candle centerpiece for the others.  i'll let you know as soon as i decide what to do! =)

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    After 10-1-11 I will have a lot for sale...

    25- 14" high 6" wide cyclinder vases
    35- 12"x12" mirrors
    38- 6" high glass bowls (resemble fish bowl -glass cyclinder)
    1- ring bearer pillow
    6 pomander balls (colors lime green dark purple and white)
    approx 12 white tull pew bows
    I will have more items I just have to go through them and see what I have- if interested in anything please just email me at [email protected]

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    There is a website called Recycled Bride in which they resale everything from their weddings. Hope this helps you

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    You can also check the Wedding Classifieds board on The Knot and the Trash to Treasure board on The Nest.
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