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Novemeber?! Too chilly for an outside ceremony?!

I recently booked my wedding at Brigalia's...because it was gorgeous, the food is amazing, and i fell in love with the grounds....and for what you get for the price it couldn't be beat! BUT...the only date they had available for the Fall of 2012 was Novemeber 17th. They were literally booked solid until then....and since I didnt want to wait until the following fall, I booked it. Ever since Im having nightmares and visions of a freezing cold ceremony and baron, wintery looking trees. I need some input--is novemeber too chilly ? I figure the ceremony will last 30 minutes AT THE MOST!

Re: Novemeber?! Too chilly for an outside ceremony?!

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    It might be a little chilly, the average high temperature for November is 55 degrees. However, if you know this ahead of time you (and your guests) can prepare yourself for colder weather.
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    Thanks! Last november was pretty warm, but you just never know. I figured I'd include on the invitation that the ceremony was to be held out side so guests can plan accordingly. And if all else fails, and its freezing, rent space heaters.
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    I'm having my reception at Brigalias March 2012!  It may be a little chilly, but again you won't be outside too long.  And you could just plan to rent the space heaters just in case.  Also, mentioning the outside ceremony will give people an idea that they need to plan accordingly.

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    We had actually wanted a December wedding at Brigalias for in 2012 but recently switched from October then moved our date up to July. I had asked the same question and they said that I could come back on the date this year and see how cold it was and make a descison then so I suggest you do the same. Wait untill November of this year and go back to the grounds and see how the weather is, by it being Jersey we never know with weather a year in advance but it should give you a round about idea of how cold it will be. I also spoke with Tina about heaters and she said it's hard to keep the heat in under the pavillion ( if that's the location on the grounds you picked) however she stated she wouldn't mind coming up with a way to drap the area closed, almost like a tent around to keep the heat in. I suggest tlking to the staff and Tina if your set on outside ceremony as you may know they are extremly helpful. Sidenote I'm so excited to hear other brides who booked with them!
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    We're having our wedding at Brigalias in August and I was concerned, but for the opposite reason - too hot! We wrote on invites "Gardens at Brigalias" just so guests know the ceremony is outside. I'd def go and visit in November though and see what you think. What time is the ceremony?
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    Old folks and people sensitive to the cold may be upset by being outside in November. Check the weaher this year and make arrangements based off of of that.
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    A friend of mine is actually getting married at Brigalias in November of this year, so I'm sure i'll get a good idea then. she's also getting married outside. the outside of brigalias is too BEAUTIFUL to not get married out there! I have no desire whatsoever to get married indoors unless its down pouring. haha!
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    oh and the ceremony is at 4!....we plan on having the ceremony as short as possible....maybe 20 minutes or so?
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