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New Here :)

Hello ladies.  I figured that I would jump in and introduce myself.  My fiancee and I are currently trying to plan our wedding and like most of you are having a hard time nailing down a date due to uncertainties about if and/or when he may be deploying.  We're aiming for July 2011, but until we get confirmation that he in fact is not going anywhere, its hard to plan anything, and of course you have people who don't quite understand why we don't have any wedding plans yet.

We've been together for about two and a half years and got engaged in June.  We just also moved from Florida to Ohio, which makes wedding planning a little harder since all my friends are even more scattered than before.

We're thinking of doing a weddingmoon destination type deal.  Any one have any places they'd reccomend?

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Re: New Here :)

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    Welcome to the board!
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    Hi there!

    I'm in Ohio as well. Just moved here about 2 months ago.

    About the honeymoon, that depends on what you guys like to do. We're going to Glacier NP and Banff NP, in Canada to do some camping and backpacking. Not some peoples idea of fun, but perfect for us.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by weddingmoon... :) is that another term for destination wedding? FI and I went on a cruise a couple years ago and there was a wedding while we were ported the first day, then they spent the week with their family and friends. Not my style (I dunno if I could spend a week with both families hehe) but prehaps that is something you are looking for?!? Otherwise for straight up destination weddings I think the options are endless.
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    Where you go depends on your budget and style of traveling!  For us, a resort would be a total bummer as we're more "off the beaten track" kind of travelers.  But budget plays a large part in where you can do and what you can do.

    Since time will be limited, I'd suggest something not too far away so people don't have to plan super far in advance.  So probably inside the US so people won't have to get passports.  June is rather hot down south, so the Caribbean and Florida and Puerto Rico (all recommendations for easy destination weddings) will all be likely uncomfortably warm.  If you pushed your wedding to October or November, it would be glorious down south and a lot cheaper than March/April as it'll be off season.  Just something to consider!



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    Shan, I looove that bouquet pic and your little puppy is soo cute!

    Pollyanna, if you want to do a "weddingmoon/destination wedding" in the US, why not go somewhere a little different- maybe skiing in Utah or Colorado? Not sure if skiing is your thing. We're thinking of doing that for our honeymoon a few weeks after the wedding (due to Navy moving plans, of course, but oh well!) I think there's something so romantic about hitting the slopes all day and then cuddling up with some apres-ski attire all cozy in the lodge, glass of wine and then hot tub:) 

    If you're partial to beach/sun, I can recommend Cape Cod- it's gorgeous in September & October and not as expensive as the high season in July/August. Of course I'm biased tho haha. Not too far away and there's lots to do! Good luck deciding!
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    Thanks for the welcome :)

    Hattie -- where in Ohio are you?  We're at Wright Patt.

    Yea, by weddingmoon I mean wedding/honeymoon all jumbled into one. 

    We're looking mostly at tropical locations because a) we're miserable in the snow now and b) I want beachy wedding pictures. 

    Because my grandmother is older and can't really travel, what we may do is go off and get married somewhere tropical and then have a stateside celebratory dinner type thing.  This way I get my beachside pictures in my dress and my 90 year old grandmother gets her wishes as well. 
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    In Response to Re: New Here :):
    Thanks for the welcome :) Hattie -- where in Ohio are you?  We're at Wright Patt. Posted by PollyannaFlwr
    We're at WP too. We live off-base though.
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    Hi there and Welcome! I agree about having it somewhere tropical! That's always nice! 
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