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UPDATE: Finally figured out why I was sick...

So, I posted awhile back about being really sick with my FI deployed.  Well, he is home now and I had a Dr appt today so I finally got my diagnosis.  I have Lyme disease! Now, if you knew me in person you would know that I am the most anti-outdoorsy person there is.  I love the ocean, but once it hits the sand I start losing interest.  Not too mention, walking through tall grass or woods would pretty much be torture since I am allergic to both grass and trees.  So after seeing a couple of Dr's and still having no answer, the infectious disease specialist decided to run a whole bunch of blood tests just to rule things out.  The test for Lyme disease was kind of a last minute addition since nothing else had come back positive and they were running out of ideas.  But now I finally have a diagnosis and figured I'd share the good news.  Thank you all who were supportive and gave me great advice in the previous post.  I hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Year!
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Re: UPDATE: Finally figured out why I was sick...

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