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Wedding Recap! Tons of pics inside :)

Hey ladies,

Scott and I were married on Monday December 20, 2010!
We were steady as a rock ALL day, my mom was the one that was nervous and everything, we told her repeatedly to loosen up lol.

We started our wedding day off by waking up at the hotel TOGETHER, (best decision we made.) We had breakfast down in the lobby and then returned to our room where Scott got his things together and left to go finish up decorating our hall and I took a relaxing shower and got ready for the hair stylist. I finished up typing our table arrangements and made the cd of music for our ceremony while waiting for Angela, (the most awesome updo artist!) I talked with a few friends and just relaxed while getting my hair done, my mom and my cousin Jessica came to the hotel with my wedding gown and cape and we sat around and did make up and nails and took all the fancy pics of my dress ourselves.

My stepdaughter Tammi and SIL Keri came to the hotel around 230, I did Tammi and Jessicas hair and we all got dressed, my mom, Jessica and Keri did up the corset of my dress, I've never felt so gorgeous!!

Scott and I did a first look, another great decision on our part, we get so antsy whenever we're apart when he's home on leave so we wanted to see one another as soon as possible when we finally could.

All of our family (all like 35 of them!) came out the night before the wedding to help us set up and decorate and I couldn't have been happier with the results as you can see:

Scotts uncle made all the cupcakes and the cake for our anniversary, and his dad made our cake topper

We are keeping all of the ornaments and Christmas lights that we used to decorate the hall to decorate our home in the years to come

 Scotts siblings and daughter Tammi, my mom and my brother

Hope you enjoyed the recap!

We spent a total of $1300 for the entire wedding, my aunt catered the food for 75 people, my dress is a Maggie Sottero gown I found on craigslist for $250, the photography was free as was the cake, and the hall. We even made our own uplighting! We had an amazing day and I'll never forget it. I never thought I'd be able to pull of a wedding for that many people in just a week of planning, but I think it came out beautifully and we have the pictures and the DVD to prove it.

Thanks ladies, Ill be around from time to time yet, we've got our bridal shower/Moving away party in March/April yet as the wedding happened so fast, there just wasn't enough time to fit in the shower while Scott was home on leave too.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures (off of my camera! :))

Re: Wedding Recap! Tons of pics inside :)

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