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I asked this on my local board but was wondering if you Military ladies could help me out as well.

I started thinking last night about how we would file taxes after we get married. (I was making a list of places I have to change names - Military paperwork etc)

Right now we don't know about our housing situation as FI will be changing bases between now and the wedding. If we are married but for various reasons are not living together would we still file joint taxes?

I also don't know how his residence works... since he is Active Duty Military he has continued to claim MN (his home state) has his primary residence although he has moved across the US. Well when I eventually move to him - for employment purposes I believe I will have to change residence to that state. I'm curious how that affects taxes.
Is is possible to file taxes in different states?!? or Will he have to change his state of residence so we match?

My Apologies in advance if these questions make no sense. I asked FI and his only response is He is a MN residence and always will be - well thats awesome for you haha but what do I do?

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    I honestly don't know the answer.  But my suggestion would be to sit down with an accountant to look at your options and what is the best way to file.

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    Do some research on the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. I'm fairly certain that you can either file with him from his home of record, or at his duty station with the MSRRA. 

    If you want to continue to file in your own state, I'd probably file single. Have you checked the irs website for good answers?

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    I have not checked the IRS site. But will do so when I get home. I will also look into the MSRRA!

    My Mom owns her own business so I send my tax stuff with her and she gives it the tax professionals that prepare her business and personal taxes, so I have never had to do them myself. (Businesses have a earlier tax deadline too so its nice to get mine in early :) )
    I decided I was going to do them myself this year so its new and confusing :)
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    Doing online yourself is actually pretty easy.  The sites walk you through it step by step.  And I think with TurboTax (and probably others) you have the option to ask an agent for help if you need it. 

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    Wish - I goggled MSRRA and found this document to be helpful ... for other future Military Brides may also like to reference in the future

    although it seems each state has specific guidelines so I'll have to do some more checking... Thank goodness I wont have to deal with income in different states until next tax filing.

    I did also find out that the IRS requires you change your name on your SSN card before you file taxes under your new name.
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    As far as I know, they should have accountants on Base that should at least be able to shed a little light on this matter for you.
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