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Fiance's Grandfather just passed away and...

So my fiance's grandfather just passed away on Saturday. Now my F is underway and he will be back in a month. This is the way he grieves, stay alone for most of his days and work. He has been calling me just to check in a few times a day(we don't live together) but now that he is underway I am just really worried how he is doing. I talked to a few of our close friends that he works with to 'take care' of him. I don't have any specific questions, I just wondered if anyone has had any experience with dealing with a death in the family while your significant other was away on deployment or an underway(Navy form of being in the field).

Re: Fiance's Grandfather just passed away and...

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    I think being in the field would be helpful to keep his mind off it. FI lost his SDad when he was stationed in Oki, and I think being able to go back to Oki and be away from it was really helpful, since no one knew and was talking to him about it the way they would have been at home.
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    I lost my dad in Jan 2010 to Colon Cancer. The last few days were the hardest of my life and I couldn't wait to get back to work. I am like your FI and need alone time to process it all ---  I have no idea how your FI is with grieving but all you can do is be there for him. Give him an ear or a shoulder and be patient.

    Thoughts and Prayers for your families.
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