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need help with colors!!

Hey everyone, So my FI and I are both into sailing and being at the beach, we both grew up around water and because of this we decided to get married outside on a cliff by a lake. I first thought that my colors would be purple and silver because they are my favorite, but now as I am trying to pull together the whole theme I don't really think it ties into the beach/sailing theme we wanted to go for. My FI is currently deployed and could really care less about the colors (typical :) ) so do you guys think blue would be a better color for the bridesmaids dresses?? My center pieces were just going to be simple sand and seashell with candles because neither of us are big on flowers. I want to get accent lighting to tie in the theme as well, but have no idea what color it should be. Also the other problem if I change the color from purple to blue is that my wedding dress (from David's bridal) I was going to have a purple sash with a broach on it tied around my high waist that matched the bridesmaids dresses and I am not sure how it would look with a blue sash..has anyone done that before?? Sorry for all the questions but we just had to move are date up by a little over a year so I am starting to panic that I am not going to get everything done in time! Any advice helps!! Thanks ladies! :)

Re: need help with colors!!

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    When I think of a nautical them I do generally think of blue.  But I still think you would be fine to do purple if that's what you want.  As for your dress sash, if you do choose to switch to blue for a color then it would like fine with a blue sash.
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    I think the purple and silver will be fine with the cliff and lake in the background.  With a nautical theme, I don't think you have to go with the typical colors.  I think your colors will stand out more if you use something different.  Just stick with what you like. 


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    As PP's said, I think your original colors would be fine. But if you still feel like you need to change, I think the blue would look great! As far as accent colors go, I think yellow always goes well with blue and beachy wedding themes!

    Here's a website that I found really helpful when I was picking my colors! If you scroll pretty far down on the home page, there is a bar on the left where you can look up all sorts of color combos by color. Hope this helps!
    Good luck!
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    I agreed with the other ladies. I think that the purple and silver gives it your own taste and you could still add nautical details to the wedding if you feel like it doesn't fit well like including anchors for decoration or using a silver rope to tye the flowers together for either you, the bridesmaids or both
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